Casio Is Re-Releasing the Vintage Watch From ‘Alien’

Whether you’re talking about interstellar travel, incredible filmmaking, creepy ass aliens, powerful filmmaking or sweet pieces of gear, the Alien films deliver to this day despite the fact that it’s part of one of the best science fiction movies franchises that was kicked in the late 70s. Between the sneakers, Power-Loader, Humanoid Androids–and all the other cool shit we all wanted when we first saw it–it can be easy to gloss over one of the most iconic and understated pieces of kit in the film–the iconic double decker watch that Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo wore during the film. The double-stacked version used the Casio F-100 at the time of filming and now, it’s being re-released for the modern era as the A100 that now includes an updated metallic case and strap, the same functional front-facing buttons and a flashing LED.  The re-release of the Casio A100 watch will drop in August for just $90 in the traditional colorways along with a limited gold Pac-Man version.

The Casio A100 base for the upcoming Casio x Pac-Man collaboration is actually an all-new Vintage Series model that is inspired by the Casio F-100 watch worn by Ripley and other characters in the classic 1979 movie “Alien.” (The Alien watch was made up by the prop department from two F-100 cases.) The A100 series (or technically the A100WE series) will launch in August 2021.

The F-100 was released in 1978 and is notable for being the first Casio watch with a full resin exterior. It has a retro-futuristic style, with four buttons on the front of the face that resemble a control panel. With its light weight, affordability, and durability, it paved the way for the success of other resin Casio models like the G-Shock line.

The F-100 has since become a rare collector’s item. The new A100 retains the same shape and structure, but it has a metallic-style finish (with a resin case) and a stainless steel band. There was actually a steel version of the F-100 released in 1978, the 52QS-14, but it had a slightly different shape.

Features of the AW100WE include water resistance, 1/10-second stopwatch (59’59″9 max), daily alarm, hourly time signal, auto-calendar, and LED light. The watch measures 40.7 x 32.7 x 9.2 millimeters and weighs approximately 53 grams. Battery life is rated for approximately 3 years on a CR1616.

The A100 series will launch with a silver edition (A100WE-1A), a gold edition (A100WEG-9A), what looks like a gray or gunmetal edition with an inverted LCD display (A100WEGG-1A), and the Pac-Man edition. Full specs were not revealed yet, but the watch is expected to have a stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, and LED light, as well as basic water resistance. The price is reportedly $90, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the non-silver versions end up costing a little more than the silver one.

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