April Diversions

Everything you need in your pantry to make you a top chef, the best pics from NASA and leadership advice from Ernest Shackleton. All in this months Diversions!


The Chef’s Pantry Essentials

17 acclaimed chefs spill the beans on their must-have pantry items

Inside Hook

Iceman Ötzi Peak

The Iceman Ötzy Peak

Atop a ridge in Northern Italy sits a viewing platform that’s as breathtaking as the landscape


Apollo 1968

NASA’s All-Time Best Photos of Earth

NASA asked, and 56,000 votes decided


Destinations on the Rise

Destinations on the Rise for 2021

25 places to inspire future adventure

National Geographic

Sustainable Whiskey

Sustainable Whiskeys You Can Buy Now

Distilleries that are actually making a difference



Droning Over Everest

An in-depth story of modern explorers attempting to discover an age-old mystery



The Leadership of Ernest Shackleton

What a famously disastrous polar mission can teach us about effective leadership

Harvard Business Review

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