8 Looks to Steal from Golf Icons

8 Looks to Steal from Golf Icons

A field guide for identifying common species on the golf course.

You probably don’t pause your pickup basketball game to shotgun a High Life, or take a breather to eat a kielbasa during a jog, but when it comes to the sport of golf, the rules are a little different. The same applies to golf fits; we all have the friend who suits up in head-to-toe performance gear (and then shoots a 105) but plenty of us go for a frayed polo and a pair of cargo shorts (and then also shoot a 105).

We went through the archives (read: we googled “funny golf outfits”) and pulled together a short field guide of the different looks you might see on the course. Refining the perfect mullet like John Daly’s takes years, but these quick fashion pointers from the pros will help you turn some heads during your next round.

“The Swinger”

The Swinger

Ah, the 70’s, the era when a Georgia peanut farmer took the White House, your parents got divorced, and plaid polyester bell bottoms were considered “performance gear.” Outfits like this made it easy to go straight from the course to an Eagles concert without missing a beat. We may poke fun at this Jack Nicklaus fit now, but are you gonna argue with the Golden Bear?

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“The Party Animal”

John Daly is basically a walking, talking keg party. The golf course is a natural habitat for the party animal, where this species can be observed loudly cracking a tallboy right in the middle of your backswing, attempting to use a gentle slope to “get some badass air” in a golf cart, and “resting his eyes” by the time you get to the 15th hole.

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“The Competitor”

Eldrick Tont Woods, aka “Tiger,” is famously one of the most competitive athletes in the world, and when the blood-red shirt shows up on Sunday, fans know his claws are out. A fit like this is so iconic that Tiger has it practically trademarked, but take a style cue from him and you’ll hear the whispers at the first tee: Oh damn, this guy came to PLAY.

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“The Hippie”

More common on the golf course than you may think, the hippie often hides a killer instinct inside a non-threatening, patchouli-scented exterior. Jack Wilson is from Australia, home of the didgeridoo, another favourite item you might find in the hippie’s golf bag, but the man is all steel under those gorgeous locks.

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“The Legend”

I can’t with this. I mean, it’s ARNIE for chrissakes. The dude had an entire army named after him, Arnie’s Army, and even if most of the enlistees were older women partial to skorts, the man will forever be a legend. The effortless nonchalance, the slightly tousled hair, the smouldering cig; it all adds up to one of the most epic golf fits of all time. ‘Nuff said.

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“The Traditionalist”

The Traditionalist

Payne Stewart was a beloved athlete who died too soon, but aside from his sportsmanship and good cheer, Stewart was also known as the guy who brought back the “plus-fours.” Golf is famously a game that embraces its time-honored history, and it doesn’t get much more traditional than these modified knickerbockers first introduced to America by Edward, Prince of Wales in 1924.

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“The Fedora Guy”

The Fedora Guy

Before Justin Timberlake inspired millions of men to don a fedora, thereby ensuring they would never, ever, get a girlfriend, Chi Chi Rodriquez was sinking putts and breakin’ hearts with his signature headgear. It takes a confident man to pull off a hat like this, but remember, golf is first and foremost a head game. #swagger

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“The Fashion Plate”

Can’t tell if Justin Thomas is about to sink a putt or ask for your drink order at the local Olive Garden, but ya gotta give it to him: a tie on the golf course is a brave look. Toss in a cozy cardigan and a pair of spotless white shoes, and you’ve got a fit that stands out in a sea of Jasons, Jordans, and Justins.

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